Isle Of Paradise

From left to right – Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water – Isle of Paradise ‘Happy Tan’ Gradual Lotion

In the past I have always struggled to find a fake tan that I can use daily to build up a natural glow, without going streaky and causing me irritation. However, now that I have discovered the Isle Of Paradise range all my previous issues have been solved. Never have I fell in love with a tanning product so much, I love everything from the way it smells, looks and is applied. In the past, I used to use either St Tropez, St Moritz or Rimmel for my fake tan, and all I found either did not look natural, came off too easily or went very patchy.

When I came back from Bali, I was the most tanned I had ever been (that was all natural of course), but as it started to fade over time I wanted a product that I could use to still give me a daily glow and the Isle Of Paradise tanning water was perfect for that.

Never before had I used a spray on water to give me a tan, I had always used either a foam or lotion, but the water I absolutely love!! I have got it in dark, and I only need to apply one or two layers and it will develop over night to give me a lovely natural glow for at least a couple of days – and then obviously I can keep it up by reapplying.

After falling in love with the tanning water so much I then went and bought the Isle Of Paradise ‘Happy Tan’ which is an everyday tanning lotion for a gradual glow. I equally fell in love with this product straight away, and by using a combination of the two I have never had a nicer looking healthy every day tan.

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