The Best Moisturiser Ever

When I was younger I went through a stage where I really struggled with eczema and dry skin, and whatever product I used would cause upset and irritation to it. My daily skin routine would include starting with an exfoliater, followed by a toner and then a moisturiser, all from Clinique. However, over a series of weeks / months i found my skin becoming drier and drier, to the point where if I applied my foundation, my skin would start to peel off, and become almost sore. So through the process of elimination I stopped using all the Clinique facial products.

Do not get me wrong I love Clinique, I still use all their make up, and I swear by their mascara and foundation, however their skincare range was not for me.

Celestial moisturiser – Lush

After months of battling with dry skin, I turned to justing using water to exfoliate and tone my skin, but I still wanted a good moisturiser to enable my skin to be smooth. After some research, I had read that Lush products are particularly good for sensitive skin, as they contain a lot of natural elements, that aim to soothe and protect the skin.

That is when I discovered Celestial, a product I could now never live without and would not change using it for any other moisturising product in the world. Made with ingredients such as almond oil, almond milk, organic cocoa butter and coconut water, it leaves my skin feeling revitalised and super soft each day.

What I also love about it is that a little goes a long way. Even though the pots are small and £16 may seem a lot for the size of it, you only need the smallest bit to make your skin feeling so smooth. I often only have to re purchase the product once every few months, so this investment is so more than worth it.

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