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Paris Terror Attacks Response Poem

This is a world where we should all be one, one body, one mind, one soul and so on. A world of peace, a world of calm a world where no one should be at risk of any harm. So why is it that this is so hard to achieve that there has to be […]


To Myself

Sometimes in life it’s easy to lose your way with what you want to achieve, other people can affect you and you can end up just following the lead. But is following the lead really what got you inspired? Really what you always wanted? What you really desired? If the answer is no, turn to […]

izzy onwards and up post

Onwards and Upwards

Travel, healthy living, fashion, beauty and news, all topics and things that are of interest and represent me, so why not write a blog on them? I am a broadcast journalism student at Nottingham Trent and have recently just finished my first year there, which I could not have enjoyed more. The friends I made […]