Pudding Pantry – Nottingham

As a food lover, and a student in Nottingham, i take pride in finding and seeking out the best places to eat and drink. The Pudding Pantry situated in the centre of the city of Nottingham, is no doubt my favourite place to go. Specialising in puddings, pancakes, their weekend brunch and vast array of drinks, it is a place where you are forever spoilt for choice .

I have always loved cute, original, independent places, so when I discovered The Pudding Pantry in my first year of uni, I fell in love with it straight away. What drew me to it at first was its name ‘Pudding Pantry’, what isn’t there to love about a place that specialises in puddings? Followed by the menu, which sent me even more in love.

As a pancake lover, The Pudding Pantry is right up my street, they have a seperate menu just for pancakes, including pancakes with toppings from salted caramel and vanilla ice cream to pancakes with peanut butter and jam. As much as the peanut butter an jam pancakes, are one of my favourites, my ultimate favourite has to be the american style pancakes, which include the toppings of maple syrup and bacon. They are truly delicious.

Now when i thought their pancakes were hard to beat, i then went and tried their weekend brunch, and oh my their weekend brunch menu is something else. Everyone knows I am a major brunch lover, and lots of my friends always mock me for how much i go out for brunch and post about it; well my friends can mock me all they want, because The Pudding Pantry is a place where i am unable to not post about how amazing their brunch is.

The authenticity of their brunch is what striked me at first, I have never tasted such incredible scrambled eggs, and on fresh sourdough toast they are just a winner. Their homemade beans on their brunch menu are also worth raving about, I can never eat heinz baked beans and enjoy them, after eating The Pudding Pantry’s homemade beans. What is also great about their brunch menu is that you can add things to your breakfast and build it up, so when I go my favourite combination is to have the scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with the homemade beans and smashed avocado, it is honestly insane.

I could honestly talk about this place for ages, I mean I haven’t even got on to talking about their amazing variety of drinks yet, such as the freakshakes and loaded hot chocolates they do…but instead of me rambling on i just encourage anyone who has not been, and is a food lover like me/ loves eating and drinking out, to go go go there right now, you’ll no doubt as love the place as much as me.

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