To Myself

Sometimes in life it’s easy to lose your way with what you want to achieve, other people can affect you and you can end up just following the lead.

But is following the lead really what got you inspired? Really what you always wanted? What you really desired?

If the answer is no, turn to yourself and ask, is this me, my life, if so, why am I putting on a mask.

Why am I caring what other people think, doing things for others peoples sake, look at yourself once more and ask, am I awake.

Is this really me, is this who I am, because if its not I need to get myself out of this slow, one-way traffic jam.

Lack of confidence is not a way out but a way in, a way of unleashing talent from within.

All that is needed is more self belief, more positive thoughts, no more negativity or grief.

Then if I apply myself, work hard, show off my talent; really show I believe, there is absolutely no way I will ever not succeed.