Onwards and Upwards

Travel, healthy living, fashion, beauty and news, all topics and things that are of interest and represent me, so why not write a blog on them?

I am a broadcast journalism student at Nottingham Trent and have recently just finished my first year there, which I could not have enjoyed more. The friends I made and the fun I had, have just got me even more excited about going back for second year. However, within the year I have also learnt a great deal about myself, which is partly related to why I have started writing this blog.

My future is something I also think about, ever since I was young I have wanted to make something of myself and always stand out from the crowd. For a very long time acting was a great passion of mine, but then I centralised away from it slightly as I realised I should probably focus on a career that is more achievable. That’s when I came across journalism, a career that combined both my love for acting as well as writing. Learning more and more about the industry, I have my mind quite set and focused on becoming either involved in documentary film making, reporting or researching.

However as much as I have been enjoying my course this year, I feel I could have tried harder, going to uni was such a new and exciting concept that I let myself delve too deeply in to the social aspect, putting my ambitions and full potential to one side. Exams are something I have never been good at, but when I found out I had failed the 2 exams I had to take, I was devastated, crying for hours and hours on end…until out rose motivation, determination and success, as I excelled in my resit examinations.

 My initial failure in the exam has almost been a blessing in disguise, a real eye opener, as it hit me hard and made me realise how much I do want to have a successful future and make something of myself, I am talented and young and should be expressing myself and exploring my skills to the best of my ability.

Therefore I thought I would start by writing a blog, I have always wanted to start one, but always just thought or talked about starting one but never actually did…but now here it is, out in the open, my blog about me.